About Us

StepsAhead presents the WissenWas™ online quiz, inspired by games like BesserWizzer™ and 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire'™. This dynamic quiz has more than 50,000 questions and updates with over 5,000 questions monthly across numerous categories. Initially web-based, it will evolve into an app.


Our mission is to craft a virtual quiz game that not only engages users and broadens their knowledge across diverse topics like popular culture, history, and science but also fosters community interactions.

Our platform will offer challenging quizzes, promote team-based activities, and feature social tools like chat and forums for discussions and friendly competitions.

Ultimately, we aim to blend education with entertainment, encouraging continuous learning and fostering a community where everyone can engage, learn, and grow together


  1. Diverse Quiz Categories: We aspire to cover subjects from history to pop culture, ensuring there's something for everyone.
  2. Engaging Gameplay: We'll introduce advanced question formats, time limits, and rewards, catering to both newbies and experts.
  3. Community and Social Interaction: Beyond a game, we'll foster a community where users can chat, form teams, and exchange knowledge.
  4. Learning Centric: Beyond correct answers, we'll provide in-depth explanations, turning every wrong answer into a learning opportunity.
  5. User-friendly Access: Whether on mobile or PC, we aim for an intuitive and seamless quiz experience.

Our goal is to blend fun, learning, and community, striving to be the top choice for quiz lovers everywhere